Ashley Lubach


Ashley has been spicing up clients' lives since 2008. She brings her charismatic, caring nature to her pursuit of creating personal experiences for guests. After attending Paul M. Hodgson Vo-tech high school, she gained her cosmetology license at a young age. Enthusiastically jumping right into working behind the salon chair, Ashley's passion for learning led her to graduating Delaware Technical college with a business management degree. Already self-employed at 20, Ashley began surrounding herself with like minded, driven individuals, she gained the skills, and knowledge to see her biggest project come to fruition with HONEY. Having been able to mix her personality, and art into the honey hive; she feels alive in her new home to create. Combining her beauty background with business, has opened up doors to growing her tribe. The stylists at HONEY are all a collective artistic group of business owners sharing a space to grow together.

Ashley spends a great deal of time enriching herself with stories from everyone she meets. She sees a hair appointment as an opportunity to connect and grow with someone else. “We have the ability to change an individual's day, outlook on life, or their own self image,” Ashley says. As clients become friends, and family, she takes immense pride in making others feel their best self. A healthy self image starts internally and some great highlights help the soul shine as well. While not working behind the chair and running HONEY, Ashley can be found on film sets styling for actors or models in advertising. She has a passion and everlasting love for the ever-changing and evolving world of her industry.

Ashley's enthusiasm for life is infectious. On her days off she enjoys spending quality time with her husband Nick, who also helped build her dream. She loves photography and painting as well. You can find Ashley outdoors most of the time. Feet in the dirt, wild hair and connecting with nature are her favorite pastimes. Backpacking trips, dancing like nobody is watching, or snowboarding are a few of her hobbies. She rarely forgets a face, so if you see Ashley out in the world be sure to say hello.

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